for use with your private candidate uploads.

Does not include sourcing from the Talentpair database.

  • Private Candidate Management Platform
  • Hiring Team Collaboration
  • Expert Recruiter Advice



first year annual base salary of each full-time candidate that Talentpair finds for you in our database.

  • Unlimited Candidate Management Platform
  • Unlimited Candidate Filtering and Matching
  • Unlimited Hiring Team Collaboration
  • Expert Recruiter Advice
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Private Candidate"?

A private candidate is a candidate that you or your hiring team uploads to the Talentpair platform via tha candidate's resume.

What Happens After Talentpair notifies me of a mutual match?

A candidate's contact information is hidden from you until both your team and the candidate express mutual interest in moving forward to the interview stage. Once you are both interested, you'll receive an email or an in-app notification with the candidate's email and phone number. You can contact them directly, or your Talent Partner can assist you in setting up an interview.

How does Talentpair filter candidates?

Talentpair AI leverages proprietary neural networks to give our recruiters superpowers. Our technology has learned what makes a great match between a candidate and a job. Talentpair AI goes way beyond keyword matching when it comes to filtering candidates. We have 10 million neural net weights in our network that we leverage for filtering. 17,000 happy people have been hired on Talentpair with our filtering.

How Does My Company Upgrade To Pro?

To get started, sign up for the Talentpair app. After you get onboarded, message your Talent Partner within the app and we'll flip the switch for you. Once we've turned on your PRO account, you'll be charged a success fee for any new hire that sourced from Talentpair.

How Can Talentpair's Expert Recruiters Help Me?

We call our recruiters Talent Partners for a reason: they are your true partners in talent acquisition and retention. Recruiting is not a numbers game for us because we know it isn't for you. We save you time and money by only matching you with candidates who are a great fit. Need help listing a job? Want an expert opinion on how to improve your job description? Your company's primary contact on Talentpair can communicate one-on-one with your company's Talent Partner to get help.

How Does Talentpair Know If I Find A Candidate on the Talentpair Platform?

Like any recruiting company, we have timestamped records that track the candidate sourcing lifecycle.