With Talentpair, you can

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Source and organize your talent pipeline on Talentpair to easily view and vote on candidates you are interested in. 

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Our team collaboration tools help you bring in hiring managers and stakeholders to discuss candidates. 

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When there is a mutual match between your job and the candidate, we'll help you schedule an interview. 


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Our advanced features allow you to widen your search while only showing you the best and most relevant candidates. 

Talentpair really speeds up the hiring process, as the platform identifies and matches A+ candidates that are a great culture fit and connects them with our team immediately in real time. It’s clear they attract higher quality candidates, both through their strong direct recruiting and digital marketing channels.
— Eric Amblard, CFO Roostify

Talentpair uses data science to help you build a better, smarter tech team.  

Access 1 million tech candidates NAtionwide