Job Hunting in Austin?

Frustrated with the job search? Or, are you passively looking and just interested to know what opportunities are available for you? Talentpair uses machine learning to match you with job opportunities in tech. Each job you match with is vetted by a real human to ensure that the opportunity fits what you're looking for in a company. The jobs come to you, and you only talk to companies that are already interested in you.

Talentpair is available exclusively in Austin. Watch for San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and New York soon.



  • UX/UI design
  • Product management
  • Marketing & sales
  • Finance & accounting
  • Back-end, front-end & full-stack engineering
  • Mobile development
  • Devops engineering
  • Data science


5 steps to Talentpair

1. Provide us with information regarding the types of opportunities you're interested in (it takes less than two minutes)

2. Our matching algorithm finds opportunities with the ideal skill and culture fit for you

3. Curated matches are sent to your email 

4. Your search is fine-tuned based on your feedback on the matches

5. When you find opportunities you love, we set you up with an interview