The Smartest Way To Find A Job


Talentpair - a deep learning platform for candidates and companies.

By combining deep learning and human processes, Talentpair efficiently connects tech professionals in search of a new job with rapidly growing companies looking for talent.


Talentpair is built by experts who have spent over two decades working with the very best VC's and serial entrepreneurs in the major tech markets.  Our AI recruiting platform replicates a 4 pillar process incorporating the most important concerns for you, the candidate.  The deep learning platform matches not only the job title, but also the WIIFM (what's in it for me) factors such as job growth, culture, and company values.   Talentpair also "learns" your personal preferences as you move through your job search.  Each successive search reflects these refinements to provide the best job matches.

At Talentpair, we realize a great deal of thought and care goes into finding a new job.  For that reason, Talentpair also combines the power of our well-honed AI with an expert Account Manager assigned to you during your search.  Talentpair is designed to not only be a smart way to find a job, but also a platform that provides a high-touch and satisfying journey.