Recruiter ProTips: How To Find a Tech Job Over The Holidays


If you are looking for a new tech job over the holidays, you’re in luck. According to the Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal section this week, “Employers continued to hire new information-technology workers last month, both inside and outside the U.S. tech sector, even as growth in the broader job market slowed.”

According to a recent Janco Associates report covered in Tech Republic, “76,500 new IT jobs were created between January and November 2018—20,100 more new jobs than were created in the same period of 2017, the report found. An estimated 7,000 more are expected to arise in December, leading to a total of approximately 83,500 new IT jobs created this year.”

Here at Talentpair, we’ve noticed the same trend, year after year. The market for tech talent keeps getting more competitive, and companies can’t afford to pause hiring initiatives over the holidays. Hiring managers may be away from the office, but they are definitely still actively reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and trying to squeeze in those last few key hires before their budgets reset on January 1.

We asked a few of our most experienced recruiters in the office to share their protips to help job seekers make the most of their holiday tech job search.

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Joe Kosakowski

Founder / CEO

During the holidays, it’s a great time to spend time with family and friends and reflect on where you are with your career. Reflect on your future growth, passion, and something that challenges you. Time is all we have. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

brad stith.jpg

Brad Stith

C-Suite Search Executive

National Talent Partner

1) Take Advantage of Job Applicants Taking a Break During the Holidays

Most people slow down during the holidays and focus on a myriad of things that do not include work. By increasing your job search activity, you can really benefit and take advantage of this trend. For those hiring managers that are on a fiscal deadline to make critical hires, you might be exactly what they are searching for.

2) Reconnecting with Your Network

The holidays is a great time for staying in touch with influencers in your network, wishing former company leaders, supervisors, coworkers and classmates a fantastic holiday. Don’t minimize the power that people who know and trust you can have while assisting with a tech job search.

3) Connect with Top Notch, Trusted Recruiters Aligned with your Search

We’re working directly with executive teams and hiring managers and have the ability to put your resume on top of the proverbial pile, ensuring it’s reviewed by company decision makers. More importantly, we’re able to communicate additional strengths to your experience, accomplishments and skill set that a resume doesn’t always convey. We intimately know the most important things hiring managers are looking for in their next hire and can easily articulate and highlight those strengths in your background, increasing the probability of success with your search.  

jeanne orm.jpeg

Jeanne Orm

VP of Product and Marketing

Talent PartneR,

San Francisco Bay Area

Companies are still definitely still hiring.  Many candidates think everything comes to a screeching halt over the holidays.  While this might be true in some instances, many hiring managers are feeling the pressure to use their hiring budget before the end of the year. If you’d really like to make a move during this time, make yourself available to interview and take calls from tech hiring managers.  The biggest roadblock in filling roles during this time of the year is travel scheduling.


Phil Hines

Talent Partner, Boston

Jeanne’s tip about scheduling is true for the Boston tech job market as well. Make yourself available. Scheduling is already difficult, so don't be an added roadblock. Not much changes for hiring during the holidays, other than scheduling difficulties.


Marni Mires

Recruiting Manager,

Talent Partner,

San Francisco Bay Area

Around the holidays, you’ll have extra time away from the office to explore new opportunities. Use this time wisely. Reach out to all your contacts and let them know that you are on the market for a new job in tech. Be persistent. Update all social media accounts – specifically LinkedIn – make sure picture is a professional one.

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