Talentpair Hires UI Developer

As a company that is built on the idea of scaling teams with the best possible talent, while also giving candidates the best career and growth opportunities, you can imagine that we take hiring pretty seriously here. We're pretty picky about who comes onto our team, so when we find a unicorn - we grab it by the horn and wrangle it in! 

Up until now, our team has been comprised of mostly engineers and product managers. As we continue to build, test, optimize and improve our product and get closer to moving out of beta, we now need to bring people onto the team that will take things to the next level. 

That's why we have a new addition to our team, John Skelton, UI Developer. John joined the team in early September, and in his very short time at Talentpair, he's already made a significant impact. Gathering real user feedback and collaborating with the engineering team, he's identified several areas for improvement within our platform. We can't wait to see what new ideas he brings to the table, and are incredibly excited to have such a talented UI Dev join our team!

A little bit of background on John:

John has years of experience in UX and UI. He's played creative director, owned a design firm, and loves creating UI solutions that inspire teams to create products people love. John lives with his wife, son and puppy, George Michael, in beautiful Portland, Oregon. 

In his spare time, he likes sketching, climbing mountains, trying new IPA's, and growing his beard.

I like to research, prototype, design and test innovative UI solutions that inspire design and engineering teams to create products people love. I try to balance a healthy obsession with visual design details —typographic kerning pairs, motion, and icon vectors — with egoless leadership and humility.

Welcome to the team, John!

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