Talentpair Hires Marketing Strategist

Roumena Kratchunova

As you can assume, we take our hiring very seriously. We know people are at the center of innovation and progression. Without a good team, you're bound to fail. 

We have been very selective in who we hire because we stand by our theory of building great teams with only great people. In this instance, we were passively searching for a marketing professional. However, when this opportunity arose, it was like the stars aligned for both Talentpair and Roumena. Now, we have a marketer onboard who is already making change. She's going to be working side by side with the product team, collaborating on interesting solutions for our customers. Our engineering and product teams are already seen the impact of her unique perspective, and are looking forward to collaborating with her on coming up with interesting and memorable ways to market our product to the right audience. 

A little about Roumena:

Roumena graduated with a BBA in Marketing. Her first job was at Bodybuilding.com, where she was in charge of researching international markets for global development. She transitioned into a project management and Scrum master role. She decided to take a leap into the advertising agency world, where she focused on crafting and executing digital strategies for tech startups and B2B companies. The next hop was into recruiting. This was a wake up call for her - she realized her true passion is helping tech startups grow. Only lasting 1.5 months as a recruiter, she left, and was offered a marketing position with Talentpair a day later. 

When Roumena isn't busy trying to understand engineering jokes, you'll find her traveling, snowboarding, trying new food, and watching live hockey.

"The only thing that I do know for certain is that a positive attitude attracts positivity. So just be happy, but never be content."

Excited to have you on our team, Roumena!




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