Our Portland Team Presents at 1 Million Cups PDX

As a follow up to our last blog on takeaways from 1 Million Cups Boise, we also wanted to give a big kudos to Jeremy Robin, our CTO, and Hobson Lane, our Sr. Data Scientist, for presenting at 1 Million Cups PDX. We hope that everyone who attended found value in our presentation. Keep caffeinating, 1 Million Cups startups! 

I was personally a little bummed that I wasn't able to attend, although I did enjoy attending the Boise event (which happened to take place at literally the same time! Takeaways from that can be found here.) Luckily, 1 Million Cups PDX recorded the entire presentation (sorry Jeremy!) So if you missed the PDX event,  you can watch the full presentation on Periscope

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