6 Things You Need to Give Millenials as an Employer, Now

It's amazing that there is still such buzz about "how to attract millenial talent", or "what millenials need out of their jobs", and so on. The reality is that employers still, shockingly, don't have millenials figured out. When I attended a workshop on this topic, it became even more apparent that employers are still decoding what it means to employ and attract millenials.

If you're a millenial and reading this post, you'll most likely think that it is are fairly straightforward and obvious. You're not the target audience for this post if that's the case. This is meant for those who are still trying to understand how to attract millenials employees and what keeps them interested in sticking around, as well as motivated to contribute to your organization. 

Thanks to Natalia Leonova from Experis for presenting on this topic. It was great to see this topic from a hiring manager's perspective. Natalia is a recruiting professional that has been in the industry for nearly 20 years, making it her job to understand and implement best practices in recruiting and building teams. The following items are our takeaways from her presentation. These are the six things employers should offer employees if they are attempting to attract and retain millenials.

1.) Security

Offer career security. Security can mean a lot of different things, but for many millenials it means having skills that the market demands. Share examples of people within your organization who have progressed. Provide opportunities for professional development and on-the-job training. Giving millenials these examples give them the confidence that they too, can grow within your company. 

2.) Appreciation

Appreciate your millenials. As an employer, it's important to understand that recognition and affirmation is important. Half of millenials would consider leaving their current job due to lack of appreciation. This seems incredibly obvious, but it's clear that many employers either forget to do this, or are too busy to make it a priority. That will end up hurting in the long run. 

3.) Mentorship

Have regular career conversations. Millenials need to feel comfortable having discussions about career progression early on. Ask them how often they want to meet. Not only will this open the doors to having a healthy relationship with your employees, but it is also incredibly rewarding to mentor employees.

4.) Mobility/variety

Focus on career variety and mobility. Millenials enjoy being challenged. Satisfy their appetite for new opportunities without them having to go elsewhere. Offer them new opportunities to lead new projects, or consider having them switch roles to something similar that would present them with more of a challenge. 

5.) Flexibility

Be open to alternative work models. Adopt attractive aspects of new work models where employees are given greater flexibility. Of course, you don't want your employees abusing a flexible schedule, so that is why it's very important to set clear expectations up front. Having a trusting relationship is imperative to make a flexible schedule work. 

6.) Adaptability

Be ready to ride the career waves. Change is inevitable. Adaptability is required for survival. The more young people enter into their careers, it becomes increasingly important for employers to understand their needs. They are the future, and if we can't give them the challenges and flexibility they need, they'll find those things elsewhere. 

Thank you to Natalia for sharing your industry expertise. We hope many employers can adapt to the changes in the industry by taking this advice, successfully recruiting talent that will not only contribute to their organization, but mutually benefit employees by giving them what they need to be happy.

HiringRoumena Kratchunova