Talentpair Hires Another Software Engineer


Joining Talentpair as our third hire in two months, Hannes Hapke is the latest addition to the team. Hannes will play a large role in developing our API's and infrastructure, while also improving our machine learning algorithms.

Hannes's background is not only being an individual contributor as a full stack/python engineer at several global companies, but also as a co-founder and CTO. His experience in the renewable energy industry motivated him and his friend to co-found Renooble, Inc., a startup which built a product which uses machine learning to detect solar homes.

Not only does he bring a great skill set to the table, but also an international perspective to our culture. He was born in Germany, and has lived in Chile, Australia, and Singapore.

When he isn't working on machine learning algorithms, you can find him hiking, running, traveling, and reading books from Japanese authors.

We are very lucky to have Hannes on our team. Welcome!

Roumena Kratchunova